November 18, 2011 | Proliferation

Letter to an official – 24-10-11

I am not at all IN FAVOUR of proliferation, but I am sorely alarmed at the now quite immediate dangers that ANTI-PROLIFERATION is presenting – even worse now both the President and the Secretary of State have been giving credence to this latest (presumably CIA? charade. With the CIA [...]


January 7, 2011 | Letter for possible publication - the Koreas

The dispute between the Koreas, and the Israel/Iran situation – have both been escalating, and in both there are usable nuclear weapons to hand. Particularly dangerous is likely to be Christmas day.
I hope Her Majesty’s Government is aware and alert, and encouraging restraint – as just shown by North Korea in the face of South [...]


November 10, 2010 | Space

It is indeed good that President Obama is at last looking at SPACE, with proposals for stopping the could-be endless (and certainly highly dangerous) pollution being caused by abandoned space craft.

BUT with the National Space Policy of the United States of America [published June 28th 2010] he is not proposing anything that would prevent [...]


November 10, 2010 | Missile Defence/Proliferation

The new US “Prompt Global Strike” programme – even if it plans to use “conventional” warheads – and systems like the X37 (a pilotless space plane, to stay up for nine months) will have discouraged actual and potential proliferators from signing anything serious at the NPT Review Conference. On the contrary, they will probably encourage [...]


April 15, 2010 | Proliferation?

Why does proliferation happen?
Why do governments develop nuclear weapons?

So far, in fact, always for respectable reasons. In 1945, President Truman went back on President Roosevelt’s agreements about continuing atomic weapons collaboration post war with Britain – the Quebec and Hyde Park agreements. Prime Minister Attlee decided to set up the British Atomic Energy Authority [...]