April 12, 2011 | Comment, autumn 2010

I have listened, at two highly respectable London think tanks, to dramatic accounts, one of Iran’s Missiles, based on Israeli intelligence, the other about China’s economic and military espionage, based on American.

What with a new coalition government, a financial crisis, global warming, a deficit and government’s cuts and its SDSR, we in this country [...]


November 10, 2010 | Deterrence

Nuclear deterrence hasn’t worked too badly for us all since 1945: it has stopped fools thinking they could attack nuclear-weapon states with impunity. Iran, encircled as she is by nuclear weapons on all sides, is guaranteed, surely, to think of some kind of deterrent – nuclear or otherwise.

With Israel and the United States claiming [...]


November 10, 2010 | The Iraq War

The process that led UK to war was based, we now know, on a pack of lies. Indeed if Saddam Hussein had actually had a “45 minute missile strike” to hand, Deterrence would surely have operated and Tony Blair – and possibly even George W. Bush – would have been “deterred” from attacking. Other governments [...]