May 30, 2011 | Letter to Defense News - 27th May 2011

In your leading article – SIZING UP THE FUTURE – May 23, 2011 – you write of “high-end forces needed [by the US] to fight against a sophisticated nation-state like China”.

Surely no-one in the US is contemplating fighting a war “against a sophisticated nation-state like China”?

It took the Soviet Union and the United States [...]


April 12, 2011 | China

Your leading article, CHINA THE ENABLER (International Herald Tribune 4/5 – 12 – 10) asks “What is China thinking?”
I guess China is thinking “What is the United States thinking, sending a nuclear-powered, nuclear–armed, aircraft carrier, and other warships, and announcing, and conducting, along with its ally South Korea, live-fire exercises, in disputed waters, close to [...]


November 10, 2010 | Dreadful Solution?

The American economy picked up after 1938 when there was a war, and massive “deficit spending”. But thank you, that’s hardly the cure we want, though with sabre-rattling against Iran and naval posturing in the Far East is what we might easily get.

If the United States want a fruitful discussion with China on the subject [...]