February 16, 2014 | The Future of Drones

What will be unpleasantly interesting is when the private military companies begin offering ‘drone’ activities for ready money.


February 9, 2014 | Letter to the Editor of the Times


Charles Clover (Sunday Times 21-4-13) recounts Mrs Thatcher’s acceptance of environmental problems, but she was not the first Prime Minister to take steps to address them.

The Royal Commission on Environments Pollution, which she retained while abolishing the Royal Commissions, had been set up under Harold Wilson’s government (It was abolished by this government).

And it was [...]


March 22, 2013 | Pre-emptive Mourning

Here’s a video of me speaking
that my daughter Zoe shot using an IPad
Pre-emptive Mourning


December 17, 2012 | 'count on America to ride to the rescue'

Thomas L Freedman (‘My President is busy…’ International Herald Tribune Monday 12th November) advises Israelis not to ‘count on America to ride to the rescue.’

Well, America may need to.

The British Sunday Times (Sunday 11th November) reported Netanyahu saying he was prepared to strike Iran without the support of America. The Israeli opposition had a poster [...]


November 1, 2012 | Letter re-Israel/Iran to International Herald Tribune - 2/3/12

Letter to International Herald Tribune – 2nd March 2012 – not published

Amos Yadlin’s article “Israel’s Deadline For Striking Iran” is deeply alarming. Can this combination of bellicosity and wishful thinking really represent the thinking of the Netanyahu government?

Iran’s nuclear programme is the consequence of Israel’s nuclear weapon programme, just as the UK and the [...]


June 17, 2012 | Ehud Barak on Cyber

The news of ‘Flame’ and ‘Olympic Games’ was already out when the Missile Defence Conference was happening at RUSI, where one US official admitted to being ‘worried’ about the vulnerability of missile defences to cyber attack. At the June 6-7th Tel Aviv cyber conference, Ehud Barak was quite firm that cyber is a fifth war [...]


June 5, 2012 | Missile Defence and Cyber

On the first day of the recent RUSI Missile Defence Conference, there was no answer to questions about Missile Defence Systems’ vulnerability to Cyberattack. (The Conference is sponsorded by both the US Missile Defense Agency and by the Industry.) One of the official US Speakers did admit that they worried about Cyber…

Now, after what we [...]


April 20, 2012 | Published letter to DefenseNews 7-3-12

Letter to DefenseNews 7th March 2012 – Published

I’m sorry my letter – “Counterview of MD” [February 6th] offended Stanley Orman [“No Pre-emption” February 20th]. He does seems to agree with much of it – particularly the implausibility of even the US being able to avoid retaliation from a nuclear superpower by way of mounting even [...]


April 20, 2012 | Published letter to RUSI Journal – Feb/March 2012

Letter to RUSI Journal – Feb/March 2012 – Published

MADAM, in his recent RUSI Journal article (‘The Strategy of Missile Defence’, June/July 2011) Jeremy Stocker failed to consider some aspects of missile defence:

First, initial costs are high, and will mount up as those against whom the defensive systems are being erected increase and diversify [...]


March 9, 2012 | Letter to Sunday Times – 22/12/11

Letter to Sunday Times – 22nd December 2011 – not published

Letters – 18-12-11 – “Eurozone a condemned building waiting to fall”

1. Look at the MAP: Britain is where it has been for some hundreds of thousands of years. Shared seas, shared winds…Not on any “road out”

2. Look at the HISTORY: part of the Roman Empire, [...]