Mrs Elizabeth Young

Also known as
Elizabeth Kennet
Liz Kennet
Liz Young
Lady Kennet

Mrs Elizabeth Young was born Elizabeth Ann Adams, daughter of Bryan Adams, a Royal Navy captain, and Audrey (nee Marshall). She spent much of her childhood in Switzerland where Bryan was posted to the League of Nations. From this auspicious start flowed her lifelong passion for justice and fairplay at an international level.

Mrs Young – Liz – has published books, pamphlets and features for magazines and newspapers. With her late husband Wayland – the 2nd Lord Kennet, also known as Wayland Young – she pricked and teased governments for nearly fifty years, in office and out, drafting and researching Parliamentary Questions (PQs) aimed at uncovering poor reasoning and weak thinking across many areas of controversy and policy.

The PQ is a glorious bloom in the garden of British parliamentary democracy. A precursor of open government and freedom of information, it has allowed member of both the House of Lords and the House of Commons to attempt to hold to account, in a direct and personal way, ministers and the departments. Weak answers to a PQ reveal much about a weak minister.

Liz has been a familiar figure in the defence, disarmament and arms control world, blowing away intellectual and procedural cobwebs. She brings her vast and independent experience to bear on intractable and tricky issues that defy resolution.

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