Letter to Sunday Times – 22/12/11

Letter to Sunday Times – 22nd December 2011 – not published

Letters – 18-12-11 – “Eurozone a condemned building waiting to fall”

1. Look at the MAP: Britain is where it has been for some hundreds of thousands of years. Shared seas, shared winds…Not on any “road out”

2. Look at the HISTORY: part of the Roman Empire, part of Christendom, part of Europe-based kingdoms, participants in innumerable European wars.

3. Look at the Kings and Queens – yes English, whatever that is, but French, Welsh, Scottish, Dutch, German…

4. Look at the TRADE.

5. Look at the PEOPLE: Celts, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Normans, French Huguenots, European Jews…

6. Even the LANGUAGE: everyone’s first or second language is English.

There is no road OUT of where we, immutably, are, whatever happens to the Eurozone.


Elizabeth Kennet

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