Letter to an official – 24-10-11

I am not at all IN FAVOUR of proliferation, but I am sorely alarmed at the now quite immediate dangers that ANTI-PROLIFERATION is presenting – even worse now both the President and the Secretary of State have been giving credence to this latest (presumably CIA? charade. With the CIA now in charge at the Pentagon, God will have a busy time helping us.)

If we wanted a nuclear-free Middle East, we – but above all the Americans – would have reined in Israel long ago. And as we should have if we were properly serious about the NPT. (Alarming about Dr Fox’s Israeli connexions.)

In the present situation, now exacerbated by Iron Dome, etc., how could Iran not seek to develop at least a capability…Would you not, as adviser to an Iranian government, have said, go on, Sir; at least show we can – we can’t just let them put on the table a first strike capability,(complete with US Bunker-busters), plus a multi-layer missile defence system (produced at American expense), plus the targeted killings, plus their joint cyberwar activity? I would have.

And I don’t like the idea of Israel becoming a cyber-superpower, as they say they hope to: worse than nuclear weapons, because they are useable…

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