Missile Defence

Missile Defence and NATO commitments.

NATO has undertaken to back – and significantly fund – US plans for Missile Defence in Europe. This would be both hugely expensive, and politically (fierce Russian opposition) and strategically (a new arms race) counter-productive. Moreover the whole programme involves a global system: elements in Europe, in the Middle East, in the Gulf, in the Far East, perhaps in India.
Do we want to be part of such folly?

The underpinning logic for MDs is
1. that deterrence can no longer be considered effective;
2. that missile threats have been identified;
3. that missile defences would be cost-effective;
4. that they could be subject to actual human control –
they could not – they have to operate automatically.
5. that the contents of the warheads would not be released

and, above all,

6. that missile defence technology is such that it could
be confidently relied upon to work, invulnerably, at
100% – the possibility of even one nuclear warhead
getting through is not possibly acceptable. It is only in the
advertisements that optimism is stated as experience.

This is one of the great fields of the Military-Industrial Complex – cum – Scientific Bureaucratic Elite’s most successful and pernicious enthusiasm…

Mitt Romney has declared that as President, he would reinstate all the Missile Defence funding that has been cut; along with restoring US global top doggery, military and economic; acting with the UN and international law only when it’s in the US interest; and re-emphasising the special relationship with the UK – we do house, but not control, a number of useful US bases.

President Obama and Mr Clinton have both been telling the world that American policy will now be Pacific- rather than Atlantic-oriented: where will we be? The map tells us we are part of Europe.

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