September 15, 2011 | Haikus July-Sept 2011


Birds fly in groups.
What is their motivation?
Do they want the South?
the North? the fun?
The exercise?


Do I distinguish
“I” and “me” from one another? If so,
how do I start?


Watch – the world is turning!
Or is it [...]


September 15, 2011 | Letters March - June 2011

Letter to DefenseNews [published]

Uzi Rubin (“Iran’s Steady March to Global Missile Clout” – DefenseNews August 15th) wonders why Iran is demonstrating “candor” regarding its new missile capabilities. Alarming to think that as a “consultant” he doesn’t know perfectly well.

Israel has had a nuclear capability for decades, sports a multilayer missile defence system, and now [...]


September 15, 2011 | Whither Deterrence?

Letter to the Editor of Survival [publication of the International Institute for Strategic Studies]
Published in the August-September 2011 issue

Whither Deterrence?

James M. Acton’s Adelphi Book Deterrence During Disarmament: Deep Nuclear Reductions and International Security, published earlier this year by the IISS, convincingly addresses the topics mentioned in the title. But, and it is a substantial but, [...]


September 15, 2011 | Letter to Tim Yeo re- the National Planning Policy Framework

5th September 2011

Dear Mr Yeo,

The NPPF is something of a dog’s breakfast at present.

My interest in it derives, I suppose, from my husband’s role in revising and devising Planning Law in the 1960s when he was a Junior Minister in the Ministry of Housing and Local Government.

As well as it being something – [...]