January 7, 2011 | Winter Haikus 2010-11

Haikus are poems
Leapt off the moment’s spur
Neat, no season’s tint

Words – my darling sheep
Shall verse forms bring them back
Into their rightful fold

Not ones, or twos
But fifties, sixties flying around
What do they know?

Tree’s shadows onto snow
Soft mottled sky, with sunlit clouds
Dogs dance after sticks

Dawn: one cloud, smoke-like
Ten: Overcast
Twelve: blizzard all white
Six: clear sky – a butter [...]


January 7, 2011 | Letter for possible publication - the Koreas

The dispute between the Koreas, and the Israel/Iran situation – have both been escalating, and in both there are usable nuclear weapons to hand. Particularly dangerous is likely to be Christmas day.
I hope Her Majesty’s Government is aware and alert, and encouraging restraint – as just shown by North Korea in the face of South [...]


January 7, 2011 | Letter to London Review of Books - re Missile Defence

Adam Shatz [Short Cuts – on Jeffrey Goldberg’s article in Atlantic Monthly - LRB, 23-9-10] doesn’t mention Israel’s well-layered, (mostly US-funded) Missile Defense Systems.

IRON DOME – the latest – will become operational sometime this year and according to Israeli Top Brass, the Defense Systems will be “enabling” to the Strategic forces. (See article and [...]


January 7, 2011 | Letter to Independent re-NATO MD and Cyber at Lisbon

Most NATO countries (? all NATO countries?) are facing financial crises and austerities.

Nevertheless, the Secretary-General of NATO is proposing that we European tax-payers embark on a vastly expensive Missile Defence programme; and, as well, that we try to spend our way out of Cyber Vulnerability: both are vigorously supported by the US Pentagon. [...]


January 7, 2011 | Unpublished letter to International Herald Tribune re-Israel and non-proliferation

The article by Chester Crocker, Scott Lasensky and Samuel Lewis – “An American jolt for the Middle East”, November 24th 2010 – reminds me that neither the Obama Administration nor Mr Netanjahu (nor indeed Messrs Crocker, Lasensky and Lewis) seem to have any notion of how broad – or how disastrous – an effect American [...]