The Israel/Palestine Problem

The problem is alas simple: way back in World War One, the Balfour Declaration established the concept of a home for the Jews being established in Palestine, provided the existing inhabitants were not disturbed.

This was asking for trouble: Palestine was not ‘a country without people’; and the Jews, ‘without a country’, turned out to be very, very many. Moreover some had a firm belief that God had given them the whole country, not that the Great Powers had given them part of it.

It all has been made worse by two things:

1. the United States funding and guaranteeing Israel’s military ambitions – the belief that Israel’s security depends on it demonstrating overwhelming local military force


2. the US, and the world at large, tolerating Israel’s nuclear status while objecting ever more strongly to Iran’s – inevitable – nuclear response to Israel’s nuclear weaponry.

How to pacify the situation? First, stop pouring weaponry and money for weaponry into the fire. But after that?

A miracle, please, dear God.

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