Clouds: lizard pattern
against white early sky, shifting to
zebra – grey, still on white.

Now: mottled, like
on a cow – beige-haloed spots -
West to East – fast…

And banks of cumulus
grey on grey, against faint, long,
steps of other grey.

At last the sun appears,
peers through the southern trees:
the sky begins to clear…

Coffee – caffe~latte – hot
goes to the back of my throat,
delightedly – tickling – is it too alive?

Sun on my eyelids
Sun – Sun – Sun – warm – bright – causing
the comb, the blue glass, to shimmer…

Autumn – October –
begins with yellow leaves, upon the grass,
beneath green-leaved trees.

Now – November –
the grass is red, brown, yellow, and
so are the trees.

A train of ill-assorted clouds
for 30 minutes moves West to East
below a stationary haze.

Thick haze below; gaps
showing white clouds above,
and above that
blue sky.

Most trees becoming
skeletal: except the now
great sycamore.

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