Nuclear deterrence hasn’t worked too badly for us all since 1945: it has stopped fools thinking they could attack nuclear-weapon states with impunity. Iran, encircled as she is by nuclear weapons on all sides, is guaranteed, surely, to think of some kind of deterrent – nuclear or otherwise.

With Israel and the United States claiming “the military option” is “on the table” if Iran does get a nuclear weapon, the Iranian “deterrent” is likely to be “otherwise” for the time being. Showing that Hormuz can be closed, for instance, and that Iran is quite capable of producing a nuclear weapon if it does come to the point.

Meanwhile: Trident, etc.. With nuclear weapons so valued, with their use subject to a world-wide taboo, with military expenditure so huge and so useless, could we not gather together with all the others in the same predicament, and agree reductions all round? Say 25% off military budgets, leaving the details to the individual governments? And treat the “predicament” as an opportunity for the general disarmament the whole world needs?

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