August 25, 2010 | Skies - haikus

Cloudless – Blue – Green;
Sunlight in the grass, the leaves. And wind
– sometimes wind….

From the West, the clouds
Have come, softly, like sheep…
White, joining Blue, Green…

Blue again – whisps of cloud
Speed across the sky, shredding
As they go. Gone!

The wind’s down here as well:
Two kinds of cloud and
cloud-shaped [...]


August 25, 2010 | A letter to Nick Clegg about expensive weaponry

Dear Nick Clegg

An idea about Trident etc

If we find – as we are finding – that we can no longer afford certain weapon systems, let us remember we are not alone in this predicament so let us make something of the fact. Let us treat it as a disarmament opportunity.

Last year, [...]