More haikus - missile defences

Missile defences. The response?
More missiles built; more threats;
more preparations for cyber war.

Missile defences
Coupled with pre-emption – a perfectly
offensive game.

Missile defence: the big boys’
Game, costing far more than
internet pornography.

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1 comment to More haikus – missile defences

  • Dear Elizabeth

    Thank you SO much for alerting me your blog! how very modern and impressive that you have a blog! and YES I think you must be the only 87 year old with a blog (are you REALLY?!!) – very interesting comments about Missile Defense and I love your Haiku.

    Who was speaking at the two conferences you went to recently? I can never go to these as it’s far too expensive – interesting that you have been a member for a long time.

    You might be interested to go into the CAAB website – we have been following Missile Defense since first discovering that this hateful and hopeless system was going to be developed at Menwith Hill – and later Fylingdales. There is a big expansion of MD at Menwith Hill going on right now – known as Operation Phoenix! Obama’s initial hopeful response is weasle words – see the CAAB website under Articles and Headline news – awful weapons being developed…

    It is lovely that you have popped up again! You sound well but I wonder how walking is for you these days?

    With much love


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