May 28, 2010 | Is Missile Defence really charming?

I have spent the last three days (26-28th May) listening to the proponents of Missile Defences focusing on their desirability – first at the Royal United Services Institute and then at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. (Of both which institutions I have long been a member.)

Myself, I don’t see Missile Defences’ charm.

Back in the [...]


May 20, 2010 | Haikus – 4

The sun on my eyelids
Next door the noise of splashing water
Your bath

No movement of the air
Is time passing?

On the window-glass
Rain drops slewed by the wind,
Between me and the park trees

Like sour milk on the boil
White clouds fill the sky


May 20, 2010 | Love the US, but not its plans

I went this last week to a conference to discuss the future of the British-American relationship – was it to be the traditional SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP, or merely a partnership like some others?
Interesting…and the special relationship is based mainly on our common language.

But if the Americans want cosy allies, they must look at how their long [...]


May 13, 2010 | Haikus - 3

In the great trees, the sun
reflects off the few leaves it strokes, it is gone.
I am thinking; thoughts

The sky’s three layers of cloud are all moving:
Beneath them, the trees, birdlike, twitter;
A soft wind

At the base of the tree,
Air moves three leaves: they gleam.
Six feet above, beside, below –
Nothing stirs. Suddenly, all glitters.