Obama & Medvedev's STAR role

prague presidential palace

prague presidential palace

‘A season for disarmament’ Hans Blix declares, in the context of the new STAR [Strategic Arms Reduction] Treaty. (International Herald Tribune, 4-4-10). Over-optimistically perhaps?

There is no reason to suppose the new STAR Treaty will soon be ratified: missile defence figures alongside it, ambiguously. Americans love it; Russians hate it.

There now promise to be missile defence arms races – in the   Middle East, in the Far East, even if not yet in Europe: nice for the arms industry, deplorable for tax-payers.

Any missile defence system, such as the Treaty appears to allow the United States, must be as near automatic as can be: no way can there be time for it to be ‘alliance-controlled’ – even civilian-controlled.

The purpose of missile defence is to prevent another party securing ‘deterrence’ by way of a small nuclear force. After a ‘pre-emptive’ attack on an opponent’s force, the owner of missile defences can hope to protect his country from retaliation. Deterrence has surely served us well?

But prospects of ‘Cyber War’ must make any hi-tech system appear unreliable to those deploying it: is it not bugged? (Israeli spooks are already boasting Iranian missiles are indeed bugged.)

Decades ago, in Britain, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) took control of the Labour Party, which then went down, to ignominy, in a General Election: General and Comprehensive Disarmament (GCD) was what the electorate respected.

And frankly that is what would make sense now: the global expenditure on weapons is absurd and dangerous beyond belief – as we see everywhere.

And, while any Treaty requiring the reduction of weapons is welcome, let us look carefully at which weapons are most used and most murderous: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are pretty bad; so are several other types. Unlike which, nuclear weapons look to be virtually self-controlling.

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